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We all experience things in life that perhaps we wished we did not. Perhaps we have not yet experienced things in life we wish we had. In either case, our experiences or lack thereof are pointing us towards something, and the something is information about ourselves. A woman once sought help because her partner was cheating. She claimed she loved him but refused to bless him if he was not with her. This is not love. Love is Love when given without attachment. The exercise she was given was to say over and over, I recognize the divine within you. As she acclimated her mind to this Truth, she woke up one morning free of resentment. This caused a shift and later that day, the man declared his love for her, and they were married within a week. Man is neither your friend nor foe but your teacher. We are all mirrors for one another and in this case, Love was teaching her how to be unconditional.

Your charge is to recognize the divine in everyone and everything. As you do, you will find yourself experiencing God in all facets of life and will liberate yourself in the process. Repeat: The divine within me recognizes the divine within you.

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