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As a Spiritual Therapist and Coach, I have the distinct pleasure of facilitating transformational counseling sessions while holding the Truth about the individuals sitting before me.  During sessions, we work with Spiritual Principles and practices. We begin with the idea that you (the client) is already Whole, and implement practices that allow you to perceive the Wholeness that is already here.   


Each spiritual counseling session begins and ends with prayer.  This creates a sacred container for the session to unfold.   I assist clients in realizing and experiencing the spiritual truth about themselves, thus releasing previously held perceptions about the self and allows you to experience more love, creativity, clarity, vitality, groundedness and landing you in a state of grace.


Spiritual wellness is an important part of overall mental health and quality of life. Although for some spirituality is connected to religion, spirituality can look many ways. In general, spirituality is a sense of connection to something greater than oneself. And while spirituality is not often thought about in conjunction with therapy, in recent years, the gap between the two things has closed more and more. This is likely because therapists have begun to realize the value of spiritual endeavors on mental health and in making an individual whole. Thus, it is no surprise spirituality therapy was developed.


Being quite new, spirituality therapy is not recognized in most states. This does not mean that it is not valid or useful. It simply means that the state does not regulate the practices or certification requirements of spirituality therapists. Spirituality therapy focuses on all matters relating to spirituality and the individual and the application of spirituality into the day-to-day life. It is growing in popularity, and efforts are being made to get it formally recognized by the various professional organizations.

Benefits of Working with a Spiritual Counselor: 


·    Feeling grounded and centered 

·    Slowing down the mind and excess thinking

·    Accessing Creativity, Wisdom and Inspiration

·    Having a clear sense of Self and embodying your power 

·    Living from and as Unconditional Love

·    Accessing the Divine Inspiration

·    Healing & Transformation



I'm so excited to work with you!

Packages available:


3 sessions $425   |     6 sessions $850   |   12 sessions $1700

Available in



            Nothing is broken, nothing is wrong.  My job as a Coach is to hold a safe and sacred space for you, the client, that is free from judgment.  I hold the space that Rumi speaks about: “Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing there is a field. I'll meet you there.”  As a Coach, I encourage you to explore your heart desires and the promptings of your Soul rather than working with our mind and limiting beliefs. 

         As your Coach I “envision” you in your full potential rather than focusing on the weak areas and I use “Curiosity” to ask powerful questions that help the client become more self-aware and empowered. 

            I am here to help you build circuitry to live on the Front Side of the Model knowing that everyone’s life is a reflection of the inside out, and that by working with the raw energy “under the story” I support my clients to connect with their own inner guidance and wisdom, and to be the Soulful Self. 

           The Energy Codes Coaching is a fluid process without a rigid plan. Everything that happens is contributing to learning and growth.  The agenda for the session comes from both the client and the Coach.  


            Energy Codes Coaching is a potent and profound coaching program using the principles and practices of Dr. Sue Morter’s Energy Codes.  When being coached by me, you learn to live in a state of authentic positivity and success in terms of what you desire in your life, versus focusing on your life problems and what is not working for you. You will learn processes that help you build the circuitry to experience yourself as the Soulful Self (your true essence that exists beyond the Mind) so that you live from your authentic, joyful self.


          Based on the profound wisdom of Quantum and Traditional sciences, The Energy Codes® will help you navigate challenging emotions, clear subconscious beliefs, and manifest your dreams so you can live from the space of creatorship and fulfillment. The goal of this coaching is to help you create a Quantum Flip®—where you completely change your sense of identity and begin operating from the true, eternal “you” rather than the performing or protective personality. Your life becomes nourished from the inside out— your health and relationships improve, you gain a greater sense of peace and trust, and you awaken to your true life’s purpose.


The Five Principles of Energy Codes Coaching

            The fundamental principles of The Energy Codes will assist you, especially when experiencing challenges or struggles.  Referring to these points allows you to know what you want to realign with so you can return to more flow and ease in your life.

  1. Everything is energy. 

  2. My life is a reflection of my energy.

  3. You are the creator of your life.

  4. Your creation is always expanding.

  5. The purpose of your life is to discover your creatorship.


              By working with our experiences at the level of the “energy,” healing happens on every level.  By working with the energy patterns, I can get underneath the story and activate the circuitry for living on the Front Side of the Model. By doing this I up-level my energy, the mind un-attaches from the story, and my life experience becomes more fulfilling.



  •  I am unlimited potential.

  •  I evolve through cycles of expanding and anchoring.

  •  My thoughts, emotions, or beliefs are not who I am. They are energies I am currently working with and are reflections of my circuitry. 

  •  I am eternal.



         The Energy Codes blend ancient healing practices with cutting-edge science to create empowerment and reveal our true healing potential.


           The Energy Codes The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life is a book written by Dr. Sue Morter. This book is step-by-step information regarding your energy and how to use it to change your health and your life. Dr. Sue communicates the science, research, and how to facilitate your own transformations with several valuable self-help tools. Dr Sue has helped me transform my life over the last 8 years. 

            The Energy Codes are a way of living, a way of living from the perspective of being the creator of your life. This alone changes the view of everything in your life… past, present, and future. It changed everything for me and the self-administered practices continue to support me daily. I hope to share this way of living with you to help you to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally and to reveal the truth of who you are. Sounds impressive, right? Just life-changing!

Personally, I believe The Energy Codes book is a handbook for life! It is for me! It gives us a way to see our lives from the perspective as creator, putting the power in our hands.




  • Spiritual B.E.S.T. removes subconscious interference to allow the body to heal itself.  We identify the cause to the interference and address the person as a whole being, allowing the body to heal from the inside out.   


  • It removes subconscious interference that may be preventing us from achieving certain goals and desired shifts in our lives. 


  • Spiritual B.E.S.T. incorporates the chakra energy centers to build neuro-circuitry in the electromagnetic system, leading to realizing our full potential and wholeness.


   This can be done remotely.  Everything is energy. We can connect over the phone or via Zoom, accomplishing the same benefits as being in person! This is an excellent way to receive supportive care from anywhere in the world.



  • Remove subconscious interference to allow the body to heal itself.

    30 min

    75 US dollars
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If you are looking for someone to officiate your wedding, it is important to choose someone who you feel comfortable with and can create a ceremony that will bring a smile to your face each time you reflect on this moment.  We begin with a pre-marital meeting/session to make sure you are both on the same page. Next, we create the ceremony of your dreams as we explore and collaborate to create a sacred experience.  In addition, I offer post-wedding counseling services to assist the couple in acclimating to this new divine partnership. Contact me today to learn more!

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Judy Waters, MFT, ALSP

In praise of Cynthia:


Truly what an amazing experience to receive the gift of Cyndi's heart and attention! I have not felt so listened to, so understood, so supported even loved by another as I do in a session with her. She is blessed with magical, no, mystical skills of compassion wisdom and understanding. I am so grateful I was guided by grace to work with her! Prepare yourself to be blown open and through her expert guidance, to meet yourself in a whole, new, more loving way.

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Rarely have I been in session with a practitioner with the trifecta of skills Cynthia embodies. Through her careful listening, professional knowledge of the Energy Codes and capacity to employ BEST practices, I received personalized and lasting healing. The unexpected result is being filled with a sense of belonging at a time of tremendous change while embracing a great willingness to know more."


Thanks & many blessings!

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Nancy Lucas

Creative Home Healing

I am so happy to recommend Cynthia and I am shouting it from the rooftops.  A while ago I found myself at a crossroads with career and living a life without joy. I knew there was more for me.  I felt stuck and didn’t know exactly what to do or in which direction to go.  Cindi worked with me to help me to identify what I wanted and how to move in the direction of getting it.  I didn’t have the courage to make the change or know how to.  With her help and guidance, I found answers and have a whole new business that brings me great joy.  This is not therapy as we know it… Cindi empowers you to find your own answers as only YOU can.  One session makes a difference!  I highly recommend Cindi and her beautiful gifts. 

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Theresa A Donston



Cyndi is a calming presence. Her loving spiritual guidance, and honest communication

skills are above and beyond what I have experienced in past.


Cyndi is GENUINE! She is always there for you...should you reach out!

I really admire the thought provoking questions, and suggestions she loving

uses to further my Divine


Cyndi’s professionalism

is above reproach.

As I have said YES to furthering my growth...

I will say I have made a heart to heart, and soul to soul connection.

I believe in Cyndi! It is my believe this is what she has been called to do with her many talents,

and gifts.

Cyndi is Divinely Inspired,

and a Beneficial Presence in my life.

Cyndi has shown me the authentic difference between a real loving connection.

You could say, a miraculous connection.


For this and so much more I am GRATEFUL...

Give Cyndi your YES...

Be prepared to be Blessed, and Amazed!

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