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Private Spiritual Counseling to help you on your healing journey and discovering who you are meant to be.

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Inspiration, healing and empowerment through embodiment.

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Cynthia Ambriz

Cynthia Ambriz is a Spiritual Therapist and Coach who serves clients around the world.  She works with individuals one on one and teaches them how to work with principles and practices that when applied in our everyday lives, facilitate quantum transformation.  In addition, she teaches embodiment practices that allow for healing to occur on all levels, and a balanced life to unfold with grace.  She offers additional modalities that assist in removing subconscious interference that may be having an impact on an individual implementing changes that are sustainable in their lives. Cynthia is committed to assisting individuals fulfill their greatest destiny. As a Spiritual Therapist/Coach, New Thought Minister, Energy Codes Master Trainer, Spiritual B.E.S.T. Practitioner, Speaker, and Author, she is committed to the evolution of humanity and individuals embodying their personal magnificence. 


What if it was all in our favor?  What if you are more powerful than you have been able to realize to date?  There is a version of you that is seeking to be revealed and as your spiritual counselor and coach, it is my great joy to guide you in accessing and embodying your magnificence. 

New Book Release

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Discover how life's challenges can actually be the life lessons we need to grow.

In Life Finds A Way, Rev. Cynthia gives a wonderfully honest account of her life so far and tells a beautiful story of finding inner Truth.

Through her own experiences, she shares wisdom on how to find your home and find the Real YOU.

Understand that even though something may seem difficult, it is often the path to something greater.

Believe in the healing processes of the journey and know they are designed to lead you to your True Self.

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